ClearSy signs a contract with the Sao Paulo underground system

Bound for export…

Clearsy signed a contract for the development, delivery and installation of the SIL3 COPPILOT security system, responsible for controlling the opening and closing of the platform screen doors, which will be installed on lines 2 and 3 of the Sao Paulo Metro.

The COPPILOT system had already been successfully implemented for a 10 month period back in 2006, during the trialling of three platform screen doors in the Saint Lazare and Invalides metro stations in Paris.

This contract with Brazil relates to around fifteen stations and it was only possible due a strong partnership between AeS (a Brazilian company that is in the railway market since 1998).

It confirms Clearsy’s and AeS’s unique expertise in detection security systems. Indeed, COPPILOT doesn’t need to be installed on the train itself, nor does it require any modification to the signalling system. As such its installation is fast and efficient, and involves existing platforms and line stations, automatic or otherwise.